On our walls..

If you've recently been to visit you'll notice we had some great additions to our walls, 6 pieces in fact. We commissioned Aliyah Hussain to add the initial much needed character to our blank canvas . Here's a taster but they look better in the flesh. 

Aliyah Hussain is a visual artist who works with collage, sculpture, drawing and sound in ways that reference and develop futuristic narratives, utopian ideals and alternative realities. She works with abstract forms as a way to try and make sense of complexities within human relationships and modes of communication. The collage works on show here at the Pilcrow form part of a wider project titled “Everybody needs good neighbours” which is an investigation into relationships and the co sharing of space.

She has exhibited and performed work both nationally and internationally, most recently at KK Outlet and 38b projects in London.

To purchase the artworks and find out more about the project visit www.goodneighbours.tictail.com