Summer Beer Thanks

Summer Beer Thanks

Phew, what a weekend (Summer Beer Thing, Friday 30th June - Sunday 2nd July). We hope you’ll agree that it was a very pleasant three days in Sadler’s Yard. Luckily the sun shined down upon us and the tent of beeritude provided ample solace into the Summer Beer Thing eve. 

Firstly we’d like to thank everyone who attended the very first Summer Beer Thing. A beer festival wouldn’t be anything with you, the beer drinker. Thanks for coming down and putting glass to mouth! 

Secondly we at The Pilcrow would like to thank the volunteers who helped run the bars and the event in general this Summer Beer Thing.

Thirdly I guess we’ll thank BEER. The line-up for Summer Beer Thing was incendiary - we hope to have gathered a winning spread across the three days. Not difficult to do in this age of red hot beers *but* we were happy with the balance and felt that the introduction of style-led bars gave strong selections to drinkers of all tastes, at all times.

Just big thanks in general to everybody who helped out in the organisation and running of the event. XL thanks to the food vendors for lining all our stomachs with their wonderful scran. We had a whale of time and we hope we’ll be back next year to bring you the second Summer Beer Thing. In the meantime come visit us at The Pilcrow and continue to support all of your favourite breweries.

Here are a selection of Summer Beer Thing photos garnered from OUR social media and YOURS. Big thanks to all of those that took a pic!