Cheese Club MCR

We team up with Cheese Club MCR to bring you a British Cheese tasting soirée on Tuesday 27th November.

Pauline has kindly selected 5 of the British Isles lesser known wonders for this event and we will have matching beers to go along side.

Tickets for the event are for the cheese only with drinks being purchased on the evening at your leisure. Numbers are limited so please purchase in groups if you're bringing a pal along (to avoid disappointment) Tickets can be found HERE

Below is the 5 cheeses and tasting notes to tempt your taste buds...

1. Bix (Organic pasteurised cow's milk) - Oxfordshire, UK
The pate is dense and rich with a mouthfeel not unlike butter. The flavours open with hints of yoghurt & grassy sweetness, deepening into toasty notes. The aromas are quite earthy. Light blooming moulds over the rind lend a hint of white mushroom, rounding out the edges of cream.

2. Quicke's Vintage Clothbound 24 months Cheddar (Pasteurised. Cow’s milk) - Devon, UK
A rich, intense cheese with huge depth of flavour, from umami to buttery, to salted caramel. Balanced but yet so complex in flavours, its ageing has enabled the sea salt and the calcium to almost crystallise to the point where the cheese becomes slightly crumbly.

3. Kern (Pasteurized cow's milk) - Cornwall Vegetarian
Kern is a new cheese, brother of the modern classic in Cornish Yarg. Kern is longer-matured (16 months), more dense in texture and intense, it started as a gouda-type recipe, and with the addition of Alpine starter cultures resulted in something close to Comté or Gruyère. Firm to the cut but slightly flaky in the middle, it is buttery with caramel notes and a deep savoury aroma.

4. Tor (Organic unpasteurised goat's milk) - Somerset Vegetarian
With an ash coating and geotrichum rind, this soft goat cheese is matured for 2-3 weeks and has a very smooth close texture. Its unique flavour is fresh and lemony with a hint of earthiness. As it matures a more goaty tang emerges with a hint of nuttiness..

5. Drunken Burt’s Blue (Pasteurized cow's milk) - Cheshire, UK Vegetarian
Using milk from local dairies around Knutsford, Drunken Burt is a handmade cheese with a soft and creamy texture. It shows loads of depth of flavours and additional character due to the cheese being washed in cider during the ripening process. It has a salty piquancy and stands out as it lacks in the harsher, bitter notes quite often associated with blue cheese.

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