Zwanze Day 2018

We are honored to be one of the five venues across the UK to host Brasserie Cantillon's Zwanze Day 2018

The annual event is held in 70 bars around the world on the same day with the purpose of bringing lambic enthusiasts all over the world together. Each location will pour this year’s limited edition release at the same time (8pm for us in the UK)

Sadler's Yard shall be the hub for the day where Zwanze will be available along side an array of lambic & sour specials (total of 14 beers pouring from noon) with beers from Cantillon, Wild Beer & more to be announced.

Entry to the celebration is FREE and open to the general public from noon until 9pm however tickets are required for Zwanze beer. Ticket prices will get you one 1/3pt of Zwanze plus a commemorative glass. Zwanze will NOT be on sale to the general public on the day. Tickets will be available on 12th September at 9am > HERE

Beers available on Sadler's Yard will only be available in third measures. No cash or card payments are accepted on Sadler's Yard therefore please purchase tokens in the Pilcrow. Glassware is also available in the pub.

Other beers available at The Pilcrow will be available to purchase with cash & card

Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at 21.46.55.png